The Man, The Author, T. Pascal

T. Pascal is the second most humble person on the planet. Extensive research and exhaustive surveys have not yet found anyone more humble than him. He has been nominated ten times for the Guinness World of Records title of "Most Humble Man on the Planet". However, he has turned this award down repeatedly.

He also writes about himself in the third person.

Plus, he is a great man who has published many novels. Only one is really a novel and was published.

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Potus Goes to Washington Kindle version USD2.99, EUR2.69, GBP1.99

Potus Goest to Washington Print version from Amazon, USD8.15, EUR6.99, GBP6.99 (Purchasing the print copy entitles you to the Kindle edition for .99 in various currencies)

Potus Goes to Washington Print version from the Createspace store, USD8.15, EUR6.99, GBP6.99 (requires signup)

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