Signing Program

T. Pascal and Associates are pleased to offer the following options for signing the Author's works. Terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without advance notice.

  1. For printed copies, contact the author to purchase a signed copy that will ship anywhere in the United States for USD10. Other countries will be more. Contact the Author for details. T. Pascal will purchase a royalty-free print and then ship you the signed copy. If you already purchased a print copy, you can keep that one or donate it to a friend or library or charity. Allow four to six weeks for shipping. You must provide a street address or P.O. Box for delivery.
  2. For electronic copies, there are two options:
    1. Request a free JPG image in 6x9 format, digitally drawn by the Author. You can print it out and include it in your own print book or frame it, or you can use it as the background image on your desktop background.
    2. You can contact the author with a verified purchase of the digital file (include the date and time of purchase as well as purchase price). T. Pascal will sign a digital image (as above) and include it in a fully assembled digital file for you to import into your reader. Include whether you prefer .epub, .pdf, .html, .mobi, or .amz3 format. The "signed" digital file is free but requires proof of purchase.
  3. Purchase of the print copy usually entitles you to a free electronic copy. Contact the Author for details.
Contact the author with any questions or comments.